Course Name: Information Technology in Education I (3-2)4

Course Code: CEIT 111

Content: Information systems in education and introduction to computers. Evolution of computers, data presentation. Components of computer systems: the CPU, input-output devices, auxillary storage devices, microcomputers, operating systems and environments, Windows. Managing text: processors. Managing numbers: spreadsheets. Impact of computers on society, computer ethics, security.

Book Name:

  1. Capron, H. L. and J. A. Johnson (2004). Computers: tools for an information age. Upper Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall.

Alternative Books:

  1. Long, L.; and Long, N. (2001). Computers. Prentice Hall.
  2. Beekman, G. (2001). Computer Confluence: Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology. Prentice Hall.
  3. Forcier, R.C. (1999). The Computer as an Educational Tool: Productivity and Problem Solving. Merrill.

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