Ders Adı:Uzaktan Eğitimin Temelleri (2-2)3

Ders Kodu:BÖTE 321

İçerik:Historical development of distance education, definition and function of distance education, technologies used within distance education: TV, VCR, radio, printed materials, computers, and the Internet. Typology of distance education teaching systems. Techniques and methods used in planning, development, and implementation of distance education teaching systems.

Kitap İsmi:

  1. Simonson, M., Smaldino, S., Albright, M., and Zvacek. (2000). Teaching and learning at a distance: Foundation of distance education. Upper Saddle River , NJ : Prentice Hall.
  2. Moore, M.G., Kearsley, G., Distance education : a systems view (Wadsworth Pub Co; ISBN: 0534264964, 1996)

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