Faculty of Education (FEDU) Technology Support Group

For Quick Contact, please mail to ceit-tech@metu.edu.tr

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Members of Technology Support Group (Division of Labor)

Res. Asst. Oktay Akkurt (Technological Equipments, Servers-Printers)

Student Assistants

Duty of Technology Support Group

Technology support group gives support to students and academic personnel about hardware and software in Computer and Instructional Technology department. Main duties of that group:

  • Improving documents such as user manual, function tables
  • Preparing and updating the website of CEIT
  • Counting technical devices and preparing a report about buying new technical devices or software.
  • Informing administration about problems in that department, and presenting new solutions to these problems.
  • Providing the technical demands of academic personnel
  • Checking up the technical devices, removing the problematic parts and making maintenance and if necessary preparing report to present administration
  • Preparing maintenance table of technical devices

Student Assistant

Students have an opportunity taking scholarship in return for his/her service. Students can work in library, laboratories, information technologies office, sport facilities, dormitories, etc. as a student assistant.