Course Name: Computer Applications in Education (2-2)3

Course Code: CEIT 100

Content: (For students who are not in CEIT) Basic elements that constituent computer system: processor, in and out units, storage and other environment units; operating system: working on operating system effectively, menaging and personalizing the system; identification of assistant software: archiving programs, audio/video player programs, captivate programs etc. word processor programs: editing texts and sheets, charts, working with pictures and graphics, forms, building letters and labels. Personalizing menu and toolbars. Building templates with electronic charts, numbers, words and date, graphing, doing mathematical, logical and textual processes, macros, standart and user illustrate functions. Data presentation programs: preparing and editing presentation. Adding objects such as audio, picture, music, movie etc. animation and special effects. Publishing design programs: designs such as bulletins, brochure and postcard; technical diagrams and drawing programs. Security on computer and internet. Computer and ethics.

Book Name:

  1. Capron, H. L. and J. A. Johnson (2004). Computers : tools for an information age. Upper Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall.

Alternative Books: --

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