Course Name: Knowledge Management In Education And Research (3-0)3

Course Code: CEIT 472

Content: This course offers participants the opportunity to explore the framework for knowledge management in education and research. Participants will explore the potential of knowledge management in support of education and research for increasing the capacity of identifying, distilling, harnessing and using information to improve student and institutional success. This course provides the fundamental background for understanding knowledge management and offers necessary resources and practices to enable participants to design and implement a knowledge management strategy in order for education and research initiatives to succeed and flourish. This course includes a strong focus on the implementation of necessary tools and procedures to construct and maintain an outstanding sustainable knowledge management environment for education and research organizations.

Book Name:

  1. Sallis, E., Jones, G. (2002). Knowledge Management in Education: Enhancing Learning and Educatio

Alternative Books:

  1. Coakes, E. (2003). Knowledge management : current issues and challenges. Hershey, PA : IRM Pres.

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