Course Name: Distance Education: Theory, Research And Practice (2-2)3

Course Code: CEIT 521

There are some general 'knowledge' objectives for all:

  • to understand key concepts of DE and the issues surrounding those concepts
  • to develop a conceptual framework for the topic of distance education
  • to view DE programs as systems with closely interwoven elements
  • to develop a conceptual framework for examining pedagogical issues in DE
  • to be able to prescribe appropriate instructional strategies for different DE learning situations.

Beyond the basic 'knowledge' objectives is a larger practical objective: that each of us leave this course with a concrete, high-quality accomplishment a publishable paper, a topic for a thesis, a conference presentation, or the like. The accomplishments will be different, but should be appropriate to each person's academic and career goals.

Historical development of distance education, definition and function of distance education, technologies used within distance education. Typology of distance education teaching systems. Techniques and methods used in planning, development, and implementation of distance education teaching systems. Research in distance education. Distributed learning environments; promoting student interaction. After completing this course, students should be able to: to identify major trends in the distance education movement; describe issues of particular importance to distance educators; identify educators who have made important contributions to the field.

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